Something I have had a lot of fun doing this pregnancy is shopping for new clothing. I lost a lot of weight after giving birth to my son. It wasn’t any easy journey, but between changing my eating habits and working out 5 days a week… I did it!

You can only imagine how frumpy I look in my old maternity clothes. In hopes to save a buck I may have actually dug my old maternity clothing out of storage to see if I could work with them. In no way was it possible. Tops that should have been fitted to my body, I was swimming in. Pants that should have been form fitting, I had no caboose. No big deal. It just meant I got to enjoy a little retail therapy! AND – who doesn’t love a retail therapy?!

I wanted my maternity clothes to be different this time around. I wanted fashionable pieces, but pieces that were also comfortable. I turned my searches online. You would be amazed how many online maternity boutiques you can locate through the power of Google.

This was how I came to find Everly Grey Maternity.

Everly Grey products can be purchased at retailers worldwide, but you also have the ease of simply placing an order through their website. I opted to stick with the online route, as this opened up the window for me to shop the whole collection.

Everly Grey features a little something for everyone and every occasion, whether it be business attire, casual wear or formal wear. Not only do they sell maternity clothing, but nursing clothing as well. Truth be told – I had a very hard time deciding which items to purchase. Narrowing down my selection was difficult, but I did it!


I wound up picking out a Sherman Sweater Wrap in Charcoal Stripe, the Kendall Top in Deep Coral, and the Raven Pant in Charcoal.


These articles of clothing have been in my regular clothing rotation for a little over a month now. The clothing has stood up very well through the many washing cycles, and the colour has not at all faded.

Originally I had planned to draft up this review several weeks ago, but when I fell ill there was no way anyone was going to coax me in front of a camera to model this maternity wear. I looked like a zombie straight out of a commercial for NyQuil. It just wasn’t pretty. The wait did wonders though because it welcomed a window for my baby bump to blossom and grow. Often I am told that I am tiny for 25 weeks, and I agree I am… However I feel huge… Simply for the fact that I can feel the weight of the baby!

Anyway – during that extra bit of review time I have had a chance to discover my favourite pieces from the line.

The Kendall top is perfect to wear on a lounge day with a pair of leggings. I find the top is a little big for me, but I love the extra room for comfort.

The Raven pants came in handy when I was at the BlissDom Conference. The pants fit comfortably and made for lovely business attire. Do I wear these pants on a regular basis? No. However they are nice to have around for when the rare business meeting or date night pops up.

The Charcoal Stripe Wrap has seen the most wear. I love just throwing it on over a tank top or tee. It goes with just about everything! This is a wrap that I could see myself wearing even once the baby is born. It is a versatile piece.

If you would like to check out the Everly Grey Maternity boutique, simply pop over to their website! You won’t be disappointed. Trust me!

I’m currently eyeing the Kaylee Dress! It would be perfect for my husband’s upcoming company holiday party!


Disclosure: I received some pieces from the Everly Grey Maternity line in exchange for cultivating my review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are those of my own.

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  1. Brandy
    November 24, 2013 at 6:14 am (4 years ago)

    I love that pink top! It looks great on you. 🙂


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