When it comes to shopping, I vie to be that savvy mom that looks to shop at a store that carries everything you need for baby, family and well… ME!

As a Mom, I’ve got a lot to juggle, so making smart decisions on where to shop means I can cross things off the to-do list, ensuring I have more time to spend with the kids or working on crossing other items off the ever-growing to-do list.

Image Source: Stock.Xchng
Image Source: Stock.Xchng

Some ways that I aim to be savvy while shopping are:

  1. Planning.  This includes keeping an eye on the fridge and pantry cupboard as the week progresses. Adding things to the grocery list as my family needs them.  Not only that I  meal plan on a weekly basis. This prevents splurging, and ensures the family remains accountable and our budget stays on track. Not only that meal planning is convenient. It helps prevent the “what should we have for dinner” question from being asked.
  2. Watch the flyers for weekly deals and coupons. This goes hand-in-hand with planning. Check out the weekly grocery flyers and keep watch for great deals on products that you may need (or may need soon). Be sure to add those items to your grocery list.
  3.  Plan out your shopping route. What stores do you plan to shop at? I have two stores that I happen to visit on a weekly basis.  I find that by preparing lists of what items I will be purchasing at each store helps. Living in a small town not always does each grocery store carry the essentials that I need. Hence the need for two stops. Not only that I account for sales too
  4. Bring a friend. In my case, bring a child. I’m one of those crazy Mom’s that loves to grocery shop with her children. They are generally well-behaved at the store (knock on wood). It makes for nice company, and is a great way to pass time!

At Loblaw, you can shop for quality food, baby necessities and at some locations, even clothes for the entire family!  To make shopping even more convenient, Loblaw is launching a new program perfect for moms – The Mommy of all Baby Events. From October 10 –24, Loblaw store will offer fabulous promotions and events from cooking classes, dietitian demos, special sales and fun contests. Check out your local Loblaw store, or go to The Mommy of all Baby Events to find out more!

Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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