Now that I’m older, and I like to think a heck of a lot wiser… I like to reflect back on my childhood and adolescence. It’s fun to recount memories and also a great way to reflect on my own personal growth as a daughter, wife, business woman and Mom.

The one thing I wish I could go back on and change from my childhood was my relationship with my parents. There is so much more I wish I could have done with them. Spending more quality time with them would be at the top of the list. Not to say that our relationship hasn’t changed for the better as the years have progress because they have. I just wish we had always been as close as we are now.

I certainly have no regrets, but rather have learned from past experiences and have a foundation of how I would like for my relationship and involvement with my own children to pan out.

Something I try to implement on a regular basis is Mommy-Daughter or Mommy-Son dates. These dates don’t have to be anything spectacular. Just some alone, individual time with my children. Not often do they get to enjoy that quiet one-on-one time with Mommy, so I can appreciate how much it means to them when it happens. I value and cherish those moments just as much as they do.

My daughter’s favourite Mommy-Daughter dates involve a trip to Boston Pizza, a visit to the theater to catch the most recent family flick, and if weather permits a trip to the park.

A picture from our trip to the park after watching "Turbo" in theaters.
A picture from our trip to the park after watching “Turbo” in theaters.

The most recent flick we saw together was Turbo. I thought it was a  cute movie, but my daughter didn’t like it as much as I did.

The Croods happens to be the last movie that we saw together that she really enjoyed.

Croods_BDcomboI can’t say I blame her! This movie goes down in my books as a classic!

The Croods is a film set in a fictional prehistoric Pliocene era known as The Croodaceous; A period which contains fantastical creatures, when a man’s position as a “Leader of the Hunt” is threatened by the arrival of a prehistoric genius who comes up with revolutionary new inventions, like fire, as they trek through a dangerous but exotic land in search of a new home.

The Croods recently hit Blu-ray and DVD. You can imagine my daughter’s excitement when I picked her up from school earlier this week, and came home to snuggle up and re-watch it. An occasion that called for a big bowl of popcorn and some Hot Lips (the Hot Lips may have just been for me!). Chocolate milk may have been enjoyed too.

It made for a nice way to unwind after a busy day… Not only for my daughter, but for me as well!

Disclosure: I received a copy of The Croods for review purposes. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are those of my own.

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