Recently I was watching a video series featuring, Cherry Healey. Cherry made mention in the video of how since becoming a Mother she felt like she had dealt with “never-ending poo”.
I could totally resonate with Cherry.

Between dealing with poo mishaps with an infant to potty training a toddler I, too, have dealt with never-ending poo. Gross when you stop and think about it. However as  Mother I can’t help but chuckle about some of the scenarios I have been placed in.

For instances, you know that moment you see your infant in the tub start making that face. You know the grunting, red squishy face that all parents recognize. The “oh shit” factor literally comes to mind. No pun intended. You are left scrambling to get your child out of the tub, but before you can the accident has happened. In past situations like this one, I have always reached for disposable wipes and then eco-friendly cleaners to quickly clean-up the messy situation.

Heck, my daughter who is now potty trained. Immediately reaches for wipes the moment a #2 happens. I never enforced this with her, but it is just what she prefers. Toilet paper for #1. Wipes for #2. I can’t say I blame her. Wipes leave you feeling fresher and cleaner. It’s a great way to promote being kind to your behind.

Not only do I use Cottonelle Flushable Wipes for matters in the nether regions, but they also make a great on-the-fly way to remove make-up. They’re easy enough to stash away, and convenient.

It always amazes me who is willing to talk about their bathroom care routine. Throughout my participation in this campaign, it seems a lot of people have opened up and shared. If you haven’t already, check out the Cottonelle Facebook Page, and “talk bums”.  I’m sure I’ll see ya on the flip side!

Disclosure: I’m a Cottonelle Mom ambassador. As part of my participation in this campaign, compensation has been received. All views are those of my own.

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