The summer has sadly drawn to an end, and school is back in session. With that comes the vast amounts of homework and assignments that our youngsters will soon be bringing home with them. Assignments in which will require our children to access the internet to do research, and type out their reports.

When I think back 15 years ago to when I first started highschool,  the internet was a huge luxury. It was certainly something I did not have access to at home. My family didn’t sign-up with an internet service provider until I was in O.A.C. My means of completing assignments was by relying on trusty ol’ encyclopedias. Times surely have changed since then.

My daughter will begin her journey of starting school next week. While she won’t be doing any research projects anytime soon there are many things I worry about. For instance, at what age do you provide your child with computer privledges? I’m sure there is no right or wrong answer. Everyone will have a different opinion on the matter. I have no problem with my children wanting to play their educational games online. My main concern is how easily they could potentially gain access to phishing scams, viruses, and adult content. As the years go on I’m sure my fear of my children accessing random chat rooms and communicating with complete strangers will also grow. Not only that the thought of them uploading random photos and videos on any social media website is quite scary too.

I’ll admit I’m not perfect, and I certainly am very aware of the mischief I got into when I first gained access to the world wide web when I was 17. One of the first places I visited was various chat rooms. Let me tell you some of the conversations I had on said chat rooms were scary. The scarier thought was not that I was on these chat rooms on a daily basis, but rather that my parents had no idea. I always deleted the computer history.  They had no log of my online usage.

Thankfully at this day in age we can rest our heads by ensuring our computers are protected with a good security program.


Over the next two months I will be working as an ambassador for ESET. This will provide me with the opportunity to review the PTPA award winning – ESET Smart Security 6 Antivirus & Anti-Theft Software, and provide you with my insights.


ESET Smart Security allows users to safeguard their computers from more than just viruses. It is also designed to:

  • Safeguard your online identity
  • Secure your computer and your assets
  • Give you confidence to search the web
  • Give you the ability to enjoy your computer experience to the fullest
  • Keep your kids safe on the internet
  • Fit your needs.

The first thing I did upon setting the software up on my computer was run a virus scan (thankfully it came back with no detected threats and/or problems). I was able to run the scan in the background, as I read more about the great features that ESET has to offer.

One of the features that I absolutely love on the ESET Smart Security Program is the ability to enable parental controls.

If you are using ESET Smart Security on your family computer, I highly recommend that you set up user profiles for each member of your family. This way you can control, monitor and customize the user restrictions based on each users age.

Parental Controls 1

From there you can access each users profile to customize and monitor their online restrictions. By inputting the age of each user, the program automatically will suggest category content filters. You can override and modify this (if need be). You can also block your child from accessing certain websites.

Parental Controls 2

I love that you are able to set a password to protect the parental control settings. This prevents your child from being able to modify parental control settings. Just another way to ensure that your child has a safe online experience!

Watch this 2 minute video to see the advantages of ESET’s Parental Controls for yourself…

Keeping our children safe online has never been easier than it is with ESET. With that being said it is important to educate yourself as a parent, and keep the lines of communication open with your child. ESET features a great article entitled: How To Keep Your Children Safer Online. This is an article that I highly recommend all parents read.

After only using this program for a few weeks it has become quite apparent why ESET Smart Security has been awarded the PTPA Seal of Approval!

Heck as I was in midst doing my research, and writing this post ESET detected and blocked two potentially harmful websites. Wow! The phishing warning I received was much like this one…


Thank goodness I had my anti-phishing protection enabled. Just another great feature that ESET offers it’s users.

PTPA Winner Seal

To learn more about ESET check out their website.

Disclosure: I’m a participating in the PTPA & ESET Brand Ambassador Program. To cultivate this review I have been provided with the ESET Smart Security Software. Compsenation has also been received. All opinions expressed are those of my own.

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