Over the years I have had to deal with many different forms of stains. Whether it be on clothing, the couch, carpet or concrete floor. Let’s face it no one likes battling those unwanted stains, and they generally happen at the most inconvenient of times.

My worst stain experience happened when I was in Mexico on a family vacation in April of 2010. I had just had a miscarriage prior to heading on vacation, and hadn’t fully finished the post-miscarriage bleed. Without spewing out too much information (no pun intended), a pair of my khaki shorts wound up being the victim of a nasty stain. Being at a resort in Mexico I didn’t have the means to use stain remover or the luxury of access to a laundry machine without a huge price tag attached to it… so I made do with what I could. I rushed back to the room and started the shower. I rinsed the stain under cold salt water. Once the water started running clear (and not blood tinged), I washed the soiled area of the khakis with shampoo, rinsed and repeated. It took maybe 15 minutes for the stain to fully be removed. Looking at the khakis now you would have never known the state they were once in.

That being said when I’m at home and a stain strikes I handle the situation a bit differently.

Like today for instance…

Foundation Stains. Some of my foundation smudged on my light pink maternity shirt. This happens to be my all-time favourite shirt too. I used some Resolve® Oxi-Action Crystal White In-Wash Powder to target the stain and remove it. I simply diluted 1/2 scoop of the mix with 1 cup of water. I saturated the stain in the solution and rinsed. Once the stain resolved, I threw the shirt in the wash on cold with a scoop of Resolve. The shirt came out good as new.

Prior to giving birth to my son, I cloth diapered my daughter. Cloth diapers can fall victim to some fierce stains.

Cloth Diapers. The trick I found to removing nasty stains from cloth diapers was to pre-soak them. In a laundry sink, dilute a scoop or two of Resolve with luke warm water. I would leave the diapers to soak overnight. In the morning, I would toss the diapers in the laundry and air dry outside in the sun. Between the stain removing agent and the bleaching of the sun, the stains always resolved with no problems.

My Great Grandma always did wonders when it came to spot removing stains. A few of her go-to’s were typical household items:

  • Club soda: Pour on soiled article of clothing, bedding or carpet and blot out the stain.
  • Vinegar: You can blot out a stain with vinegar (just as you can club soda). You can also dilute the stained article in vinegar with water. Let the stained article soak overnight. Launder as usual.
  • Dish detergent: Blot the stain with dish detergent. Rinse with cold water. Repeat until stain fades. Launder as usual.

Over the years I have had to deal with many carpet stains. Whether it be from mud traipsed into the house or pet stains. Carpet stains are some of my least favourite stains. My secret to lifting carpet stains is to cover the stain in a liberal coating of baking soda. Pour vinegar over the baking soda. Give the solution a moment to foam, and for it to soak into the stain. Scrub the soiled area with a piece of old carpet or a rough scrubbing brush. Repeat steps if need be. Once the stain has lifted apply baby powder to area and vacuum. The baby powder is optional, however I find it helps lift the lingering odors.

Regardless of all the natural stain removing tips out there… whenever I’m in a sinch I always turn to a trusty old stain removing agent, like Resolve to handle the dirty work for me.


What are some of your stain removing tips? 

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