I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the SafeToSleep Breathing & Sleeping Monitor for PTPA Media Inc.

“The SafeToSleep is a breakthrough baby monitor that can monitor every breath of your sleeping baby. This award winning safety product uses advanced fiber optics to sense your baby’s real time breath rate and stream that information to your smartphone or tablet as each breath occurs. The system will instantly notify you if your baby starts breathing too slow, too fast, or stops breathing altogether. The monitor tracks your baby’s sleep patterns and provides reports on total sleep time and sleep quality. The SafeToSleep monitor has been hospital tested and clinically validated to be as accurate as the respiratory monitors used in hospital pediatric units.”PTPA Media Inc.

SafeToSleep Breathing & Sleeping Monitor was recently awarded the PTPA Seal of Approval. To learn more about this fabulous baby monitor, visit the SafeToSleep website.

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