Egg Farmers of Canada recently commissioned a survey, and it revealed:

  • Over 90% of Canadians consider food from within their province to meet their standards for freshness.
  • Over half of Canadians believe food that is imported cannot be considered ‘fresh’.
  • 75 per cent say food/produce must get from the farm to the grocery store within seven days to be deemed fresh;
  • People from Saskatchewan and Atlantic Canada place the highest value on food from within their home province, 98 per cent and 94 per cent, compared with the national average of 90 per cent;
  • Results for people preferring food produced within their province are identical regardless of income and education levels.
It is overwhelmingly clear that many Canadians would prefer their food to come from local farms in order to ensure they are providing their family with the best quality.

Egg Farmers of Canada will be rewarding Canadian moms who in many cases do the grocery-buying and preparing meals for their families. Between May 1 and 5, pop by the Egg Farmers of Canada Facebook page to claim a discount voucher for eggs. With Mothers Day around the corner, you can also peruse the many recipes and gather some inspiration on what to serve Mom for Mothers Day brunch. Perhaps even toss a few suggestions out at your spouse too?! I for one know that there is nothing I would love more than breakfast in bed on Mothers Day!

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  1. Victoria Ess
    May 10, 2013 at 2:38 pm (5 years ago)

    Ditto to breakfast in bed! We need to start dropping hints.


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