Recently, I had the honour of being introduced to a bunch of other foodies and joining in on their weekly round-up. Each Friday keep your eye on the blog as I share with you some great meals! Let them inspire you to try something new and think outside of the box. I easily grow bored of the same old meal, so this round up is perfect for me.

With the Super Bowl just days away this week’s round up is dedicated to meals that you could easily serve at a Super Bowl party.

Tantalize your guests taste buds with Leeky Chilee’s Chili Con Carne. Who doesn’t love a chili inspired dish? A Super Bowl party just wouldn’t be complete without it!
Appetizers of all sorts are always a crowd pleaser. One of my favorite appies being potato skins. Check out The Best Mom on the Block and be inspired by her delicious and easy to make One Bite Potato Skins.
Bean Burritos would be another great addition at a Super Bowl party. Don’t knock it until you try it! You can try to dress up the exterior of the the tortilla like a football and plate them on a field of greens! Life in Pleasantville has a wonderful recipe for Bean Burritos. This recipe can even be frozen. Bonus!
Do you have kids attending your Super Bowl party? Treat them to Banana Ice Cream — an instant dessert creation by A Peek Inside the Fishbowl.
Whatever you do this Super Bowl weekend, be sure you have fun in the kitchen! 

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