I have been off the radar for awhile. Between my grandmother passing away a month ago and then falling quite ill shortly thereafter, I have been laying low. I had a bad case of strep over Christmas. A week after Christmas I came down with a horrible upper respiratory infection and flu. Fun times. I’m finally feeling better (Hopefully I don’t jinx myself by saying that. Ha.) and ready to get back in the swing of things.

Over the past few weeks we have ordered in take-out a lot. I’m the cook in the family and when I was pretty much semi-comatose from the nasty bugs I was battling, I wasn’t cooking. My husband did his best to cook some meals, but with working a full-time job and having to pick up where I left off around the house… cooking at home everyday just wasn’t a feasible option for him. I can’t wait to get our budget back on the right track this week and enjoy some home-cooked meals.

On the menu plan this week, we have:

What are your go-to meals when you are under the weather?

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