In early 2012 we were in the process of selling our home. A home in which we had lived in for 5 years. It was my husband and my first home. In fact… it was the first home we ever owned. It was pretty bittersweet to say goodbye to our first home, but looking back we shared some amazing memories there.  A lot of memories came to be the year we sold. I’m feeling nostalgic and thought I would walk down memory lane with you.

When we were in the initial stages of listing our house, there was numerous exterior features to our home that we had to fix. The wood framing around my daughter’s bedroom window was rotting and needed replaced. The exterior paint needed touched up, all of it. Not only that… our garage door was crumbling. I had to chuckle the day my husband insisted he could fix our garage door. From the get go I told him we should just purchase a new garage door, but lo and behold mister fix-it himself was determined. He is much like Tim the Toolman Taylor. Stubborn. So I let him get to it.

The end result…

Our garage door collapsing, trapping my husband on the interior… followed by many curse words. I swear he must have been stuck in the garage for a good 3 hours. My husband even went as far as cutting a hole in the door for me to pass him beers. I was determined that he was never coming out. At the time he was livid and so down on himself. I’m proud of him for trying. At least now he can look back on it and appreciate the chuckle.

In the end, we wound up looking into a company that sells garage doors in Aurora. Thankfully they had an amazing selection, and a quick turnaround. We had our new garage door installed within 2 weeks. Just in time for our house to go on the market. Phew! Never again will I let my husband insist on fixing a garage door.

If you have ever sold your house, you will appreciate my next memory of preparing my house for listing… Spider scares. Why is it that as you’re packing that the spiders all seem to make themselves known? Seriously?! I have a huge arachnophobia. My fear was certainly fed when each room I packed had a huge twoonie sized spider jump out at me. Sure – I had a good laugh at my husband and the garage door fiasco… I’m sure he laughed twice as hard at me every time he heard me shriek over another damn spider. Those crawlers are creepy!

On moving day, we were awaiting our moving truck. It was late by 2 hours. 2 workers had phoned in sick that day. Ironic considering it was one of the hottest days of the year. Finally around 11 I noticed a HUGE truck turn on to our street. It was one of those moving trucks that you normally see people use when they are moving long distances. I couldn’t believe my eyes. We didn’t have that much stuff to move. The truck blocked three driveways. It was slight overkill, but it did the job. The workers had us moved in no time… The only downside was when the movers finished the job their truck broke down in front of our brand new house. Now I understand why they were insisting on bypassing the truck inspection station when travelling between our homes.

There are so many memories that I can’t help, but look back on and smile.

One that I will forever carry with me is the day my son was born in our first home. Such a beautiful sentiment. It was so hard to move away from the home where I birthed him. I can’t wait to one day take him for a drive and show him the place where he entered this very world.

Have you moved before? What are some of your fondest memories of preparing your home for sale?

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