This past weekend was the weekend of food. A weekend of overindulgence. Normally I would fret about overindulging, but I’m not bothered by it so much. We all need a splurge and guilt-free foodie weekend every once in a weekend. It’s healthy to have cheats. 

We kicked off the weekend at Boston Pizza in Toronto. I’m brand ambassador of their new kids program. I got to enjoy lunch among some of my favorite tweeps and learn all about the new Boston Pizza Kids Programs. It was delightful. I would share more details with you now, but I’ll save that for my upcoming post and Boston Pizza gift card giveaway. Keep your eyes glued!
After the event at Boston Pizza, I rushed home to host my Mom and her boyfriend for dinner. I was quite excited. It was the first time they have seen our new house, and it had been a while since I last saw my Mom.  For dinner, I prepared us a homemade beef & ricotta lasagna (recipe to follow later this week), garlic bread and cesar salad. Dinner made for a lot of full and happy tummies.
Sunday turned out being quite the lazy day. I had planned a meal, but I just wasn’t in the mood to cook. I hadn’t gained an hour of sleep with the time change, but rather an hour of daytime. The hubs and I wound up just ordering some take-out from Boston Pizza. Surprise, surprise! I had boneless wings and he had regular buffalo wings.
It’s now the start of a new week and time to get back on track with the meal plan. This week the meals on our meal plan include: homemade pizza, tacos, sesame chicken and biryani chicken. You may notice a trend with some of the same meals from previous weeks plans. I simply never got around to making those meals, so I carry them forward to the next meal plan until I do use up the ingredients. The only exception is tacos. I tend to make those weekly. It’s one of the few meals my picky toddler and preschooler will eat without a fuss.
How was your weekend?

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