Being a Mom of two children under 3, I think it’s safe to say I’ve changed my share of diapers over the years. Heck, I still do! I’ve been around the block in the world of diapering. I’ve tried everything from name brands to various forms of cloth. Quite frankly, I’ve enjoyed both!

My children both suffered from skin sensitivity issues during infancy. My daughter definitely had it worse. Many diapers burned and irritated her skin to the point that she’d bleed. She had her share of naked time in infancy to try and cool her irritated skin. I remember feeling at such a loss in those early days. No one likes to see their baby in discomfort. It just seems like such a sin. As a parent you truly feel helpless in those moments, as your baby is staring at you wondering why you’re doing this to them…. when really they don’t understand that your not.

As a result, I’ve tried many diapers over the years and one of my favorite brands have always been the President’s Choice line. So it only seemed fitting when I got approached to test out the new President’s Choice Supreme Stretchy Fit Diapers that I happily obliged.

My daughter is now long from her days of diapering, but my toddler son isn’t! Our problem with him lately is that our son is so busy and  constantly on-the-go (what boy isn’t!?) that it’s hard to ensure and find a diaper that fits him just right. I’m sure one bum cheek hanging out of the diaper isn’t the look that toddlers find appealing these days.  Ha!

With the President’s Choice Supreme Stretchy Fit Diapers, I found them to be very roomy. They fit my son perfectly and warranted enough room to keep that junk in the trunk. No more baby running around with his bum cheek hanging out. The diapers were also durable enough to keep up with my son’s busy lifestyle. Cameron is always running, jumping, dancing or crawling around. The diapers held up through all his frivolous activity. The soft, stretchy sides of the diaper adapted with movements and never showed signs of wear. Another bonus, they can withstand my heavy wetter overnight! Say buh-bye to leaks!!!

Some additional details I loved about the diapers:

  • they’re fragrance-free,
  • they’re hypoallergenic, 
  • they’re loaded with vitamin E and aloe,
  • they offer a comfortable fit with an elastic waist, and
  • they feature an adorable gender neutral print and also print the size on the diaper.
There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll continue to purchase these diapers. They’re a good fit for our family! No pun intended. 
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received the product and compensation in exchange for providing a review. All opinions and views expressed are those of my own and not a PR company.

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