I’m just jumping online with a few minutes to spare. It has been a crazy and hectic week!!!

2 sleeps!!!!! Holy crap – the day is almost here!! I can’t believe it. I feel so anxious, albeit so friggin’ excited! Looking it back to a year ago when I purchased my house… it was nothing more than a lot of muddy land. It felt like it would be eons before they’d start building. I can’t believe we get to move into our beautiful new abode in just a couple of days. Somebody pinch me! It feels like a dream.

Groceries. I went grocery shopping today. It was the most pointless trip really. I’ve been trying to use up all the ingredients in our fridge. We’ve been enjoying quite basic meals this week. Tacos, fajitas, hamburger helper (my daughter didn’t appreciate that meal too much)…. Today my grocery list consisted of snacks, cereal and a case of water. The water wasn’t a purchase for me… I purchased it for the movers. Hopefully it’ll keep them hydrated, happy and working at rapid speed on Friday. One can hope, right?!

Guest posts. I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve scheduled a fair number of guests posts over the last week. Truth be told, life has been quite hectic. Between the guests posts and my own posts, I have my queue filled to cover me during my time offline. I’ll be offline beginning tomorrow afternoon into early next week while we move and get settled in. Hopefully you won’t miss me too much! Remember to pop on by the blog to check out the new content in the meantime. Just cause I’m offline… doesn’t mean new posts won’t be made available!

Pampering. Yesterday I made a point to focus on me a little bit. I’ve handled the majority of packing and cleaning our house. My husband certainly wouldn’t deny that either. Rather he is in awe of how much I’ve done as of late. Sometimes I can be notorious for taking on a little too much, but that’s just me… I need to be constantly busy!! I get it from my Dad. I digress…. So yesterday, I met up with a friend and her kids for lunch. It was a nice opportunity to get out of the house and away from all the boxes. Later that evening, I snuck out for an evening of pampering at the salon. I got my the colour of my tresses touched up and just enjoyed some quite “me” time.

So tell me how has your week been?

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