Finally! A new day is here! I thought yesterday would never draw to a close. It seriously felt like the longest day ever. Probably because I spent the majority of it antsy and pacing my house.

Yesterday was closing day!

Exciting? Yes.

Unnerving and stressful? No… Yes!

Going into yesterday, I had anticipated the day would be stress-free with minor hiccups. I’d already been living in my new home for 27 days, so really all that was left to do was close my old house and have the buyers settle up. While it doesn’t sound like too much too handle… let me tell you… It was!

The week leading up to close our buyers started acting ridiculous. They had the strangest demands. Things that were never mentioned during their inspection in May were being brought up now. Their requests were nit-picky and completely irrelevant.

All day yesterday, we had the joy of fighting with the buyers and their lawyer because they were insistent that  not one, but two of our bathrooms had a “leaky” and “inoperable” tub. I’m not sure what the definition of leak meant to the buyer, but when I hear the word “leak” I think of a container accidentally losing it’s contents due to a hole, rip or damage. Our buyer brought the definition of leak to a whole other level.

They were claiming that when you started both showers that the faucet would dribble the slightest bit of water. That slight dribble in their eyes was a leak. So what did they want in return? They wanted us to replace and reno both bathrooms. When we came back and told them that we wouldn’t all hell broke loose. The buyer even went as far as forwarding us a video of said “leak”… er… dribbling faucet. In which their realtor looked like he had an irrational fear of water. It was a nice and warranted chuckle!

The buyer tried to insist on receiving an abatement, but our lawyer stood his ground and refused to budge noting that this alleged leak was no reason for an abatement.

I was almost certain that we weren’t going to close yesterday, but finally at 6PM yesterday evening we got that blessed phone call.

WE CLOSED!!!!! Not only that, but the buyer has backed down on contesting the alleged leak. Wahoo!

It may have been a stressful day, but I’m now breathing a sigh of relief! I’m officially the owner of not 2 houses, but 1! A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders just in time for the long weekend.

Now I can return to worrying about an actual leak within my new home and dealing with the builders about rectifying that situation!

Happy Friday and Long Weekend!!

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