Keeping track of our children’s belongings can be a tough job. My children are constantly misplacing things and they aren’t even in daycare. So I can’t imagine how easy it is to keep on top of your children’s belongings. Between our children forgetting items at daycare and school or swapping them mistakenly with a classmate… how do you remain accountable that your children’s belongings come home with them?

I had an opportunity to review “Write Away!” Labels. A new product by Mabels Labels, the award-winning creators of personalized labels for the stuff kids lose.®

The “Write Away!” Labels are perfect for parents on the go. Ones in a hurry. They’re self-laminating, durable, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and UV resistant. Simply grab a permanent marker – any will do, write on the label, seal, stick and go! You have a laminated label in seconds!!!

“Write Away!” Labels are affordable and can be found exclusively at Walmart Canada.

Whether your child is in school or you’re headed out on a family vacay – “Write Away!” Labels are something your family needs and would love. No more kissing your belongings goodbye! You’re belongings will always be easy to locate!!

We love to use the labels on baby bottles, sippy cups, shoes and backpacks. For the longest while there, I couldn’t figure out why our sippy cups kept going missing. We had labelled them and everything. I got my answer when I caught my 17 month old tossing a sippy cup in the garbage last week. Too bad the labels don’t come with a sensor to trigger an alarm in that sort of situation! Haha.

“Write Away!” Labels was recently awarded the Parent Tested, Parent Approved seal! Congratulations Mabels Labels!

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Disclosure: I’m a blogger for the PTPA Blogaholics and I had the opportunity to review the above-mentioned product. All views expressed are those of my own.

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