We introduced a lovey to both my children during infancy. We felt introducing a lovey early on was a great way to inhibit the learning process of self-soothing. It’s a tough transition for little ones to go from womb to the outside world. Once outside the womb, life changes rapidly. The lovey is a great form of security for children. Just remember if you introduce a lovey when your child is an infant to pick a lovely that is smaller in nature to reduce the risk of SIDs.

Recently, my daughter had the chance to review CuddleUppets. CuddleUppets are quite unique in that not only are the a blanket, but also a puppet. The CuddleUppets are designed out of a soft, snuggly material. If I could get away with cozying up with one of these funny looking little characters (pictured above), I totally would!
My daughter was drawn to the packaging the moment I opened up my parcel. She actually screamed in sheer excitement to find out that she would have a life-sized lovey!! She’s always been attached to her pink bunny, which has aged majorly over the years. The CuddleUppet arrived in perfect timing. She takes the CuddleUppet everywhere with her. Whether it be snuggling on the couch watching movies, long car rides or to bed. 
Did you know the CuddleUppet loves to kiss? My toddler had no idea either!!! The CuddleUppet loves to smoother her in “slobbery” kisses nightly before beddy-byes. 
The CuddleUppet has found love with my preschooler who has an infatuation with loveys. The CuddleUppet family offers a variety of characters, so I can see our lovey collection growing in the near future!!
Congrats to CuddleUppets on their recent win of the PTPA seal!!
Disclosure: I’m a PTPA blogaholic and I had the opportunity to review this winning product. All views expressed are those of my own.

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