Posts have been sporadic this week. There’s no doubt that I’ve been a little distance. Call it a case of the blogging blahs intertwined with summerlicious fever and the wrath of the stomach flu. That’s where I’ve been this week.

There’s no doubt that I’ve caught the summer bug. I crave the sunshine. I crave the warm temperatures. The summer dresses and sunglasses. It’s a wonder I even live in Canada… but it’s like a treat once the fury of old man winter sees himself out for 9 or so months.

This week, we experienced our first major heat wave of the season, which meant I had to keep the kids cooped up indoor all day. I found myself flocking outside to sit on the deck post-bedtime to enjoy a few sippers. Can’t complain about that, right?! Those evenings are some of my favorite. My husband and I are away from our gadgets (… er… kinda), television and all other distractions. We’re able to just relax, enjoy nature and the company of each other.

Thursday morning, I woke up to the stomach flu. It was not pretty. My hubby had already left for work. I felt like a huge baby, calling him and asking if he could turn right around and come home. Good thing I did… I ran for the porcelain god and somehow wound up collapsing and falling into the shower. I brought the shower curtain and rod down on me. The rod hit me on the head, shoulder and legs. The bruises were almost immediate. It was quite a scary experience. I’m just glad I am okay. I spent the whole of Thursday sleeping once the hubby got home. Bless him for everything he does for me and my family. He truly is amazing.

So here I am. It’s bright and early Saturday morning, and I’m playing catch up. I’ll be back on track next week with lots of new flavour, spice and posts comin’ ‘atcha!

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