Can you believe my 5 year wedding anniversary is in April? I know! Neither can I! Looking back there are so many things I would have done differently. Sure my wedding day was a dream. It was as perfect as it could be, albeit there were a few minor blips. When you think of a wedding, you think of something more traditional. Held in a church. Bride dressed in a white gown with a veil. Would you believe the uproar that was caused when my Grandmother found out I wouldn’t be wearing a veil on my wedding day? It wasn’t the best of times! You can’t please everyone though. When planning your big day, it is important that you plan it the way you envision it. Don’t let others opinions guide your planning. It’s your day, not theirs! If you want to elope, go for it! If you want a destination wedding, dream for it and live it! Don’t let anyone hold you back! Most people only have the chance to get married once. 

Need help planning your wedding day? Feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Attend the upcoming Spring National Bridal Show in Toronto. Molson Canadian 67 is a sponsor of the event. I know it seems a bit odd, but Molson Canadian 67 (as you may know) likes to challenge the norms of beer and help Canadians experience it in a whole new way. Whether that’s by beer cocktail…cooking with beer…or now, beer at wedding shows!

Molson has given Domesticated Momma a pair of 2 tickets to giveaway to their readers. 

Now you have the chance to attend the bridal show. Visit with many different vendors. Plan your dream wedding day. Meeting with the vendors firsthand is a great way to get a sense of who you can work with and who is a fit for you. Plus, the giveaways at bridal shows are phenomenal. Trust me, I know!  While at the show, relax with your bride, groom and bridal party in the Molson Canadian 67 ‘Pit’. You’ll be able to learn more about the beer and even sample some Molson Canadian 67 and Sublime.

I couldn’t imagine a more perfect way to spend the day!

Where:  Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto
When: January 27-29th, 2012

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