My little family is the definition of a million dollar family. We’ve been blessed with a daughter and a son.  We’re evenly numbered.

Life has proven to be very interesting since giving birth to my son. My daughter was my first born. Everything seemed so much easier with her when she was a baby. Diaper changes. Feeding. Dressing. Everything. Cadence is quite a go with the follow kind of girl. Just watch out when she doesn’t get her way.  My son on the other hand is the complete opposite. I remember feeling so lost when trying to change is diaper. You’re supposed to do what before you close the diaper? Tuck it which way?  Clothing changes are a nightmare. Cameron is gone  faster than I can put a shirt on him. He’s a little boy on a mission. We don’t call him bruiser for nothing.

Fast forward…

The other night I was giving Cameron a bath. I was sitting on the floor by the tub and singing songs. He was busy splashing away without a care in the world. He was soaked. I was soaked. The floor was soaked. It was a foam party in the bathroom. Bath time was almost over. I turned to reach for the towel… turn back to see Cameron looking down at the tub water. Something had caught his eye. I see his hands start splashing around in curiosity and before I knew it he had submerged his head into the water…. to look at his penis!

Oh my goodness! Talk about taking a closer look.

1 Comment on Taking a Closer Look

  1. Dianne (smilenwaven)
    January 12, 2012 at 7:11 pm (6 years ago)

    HA! That never really stops… they just hide it better!


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