Oh man. It’s been a rough few days around here.

The stomach flu.

You never know what’s going to strike you, until it does. Usually when it does it hits with a vengeance. Fast and the furious.

Cadence woke up from her afternoon nap on Friday, sick as a dog. I felt so helpless. I’ve been single parenting. Needless to say it was not easy to deal with; with a baby clinging to one arm and my sick little munchkin clinging to the other. I made do. I’m so grateful to have amazing friends in my life who were kind enough to run out and pick me up some Gravol, Pedialyte and saltines. Come Friday night, Cadence seemed to be in better spirits.

Saturday morning, I woke up. My stomach was grumbling. Fack. I had caught it. The last thing I needed. Thankfully the hubs boss was understanding enough to let him come home and help me out until I was feeling better. I spent the whole of yesterday in bed. I was having blogging withdrawals. I tried to pick up the computer with hopes that it’d distract me. It only made my head spin more. I slept most of the day away… when I wasn’t curled up by the toilet.

I’m not feeling any better today. Ugh. I forced my way out of bed this morning. Why? The hubs has been the latest to be plagued. This flu is ripping through our house like a tornado. We’re dropping like flies.

Needless to say the stomach flu was not the weight loss regimen I had in mind….

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