– The chore I hate the most? Laundry. I can’t stand it. I don’t mind the bringing all the clothes to the laundry room and starting the washer part. It’s the folding and putting away that sucks. I’m guilty of leaving my clothes sitting in the dryer for days. Fluffing. Forgetting about Leaving it again. Fluffing. Finally folding and leaving in the hamper for days before actually putting it away. Yea. Laundry is one chore that I can’t stand. Any laundry fairies in the house?!? Raise your hand! ‘Cus I need one!!

– I’m a CrackBerry lover. Always have been. As long as they’re around, I always will be. However…. Part of me yearns to make the move to the iPhone. Not because I like them. Because I don’t. I hate their design. I need a keypad. BUT… Because I want access to their apps. Like Instagram for instance. BlackBerry apps suck!

– I would eat poutine everyday, if I could. Too bad it has an ass load of calories. Calories schmalories.

– I feel like a workout junkie lately. I crave it. I’ve been squeezing in a session in the morning and afternoon. Not that kind of session, you pervert. Get your head out of the gutter. A workout session! Now if only I could kill my incessant junk food cravings.

– I have a gym membership. I bought into it in May 2010. I vowed to my family that I would use it. I did use it…. for all of a month. I don’t see the motivation behind said membership. Sure. I can vow to head to the gym 3 times a week, but nothing is tying me down to it. I have more motivation to workout at home. Now if I had a gym buddy, maybe it’d be a different story… perhaps.

– I hate snow. I hate it with a passion. I want to be in Mexico right now!

ALS sucks. Plain and simple. It just effing sucks. Watching it takeover your loved ones body and progress is a lousy feeling. Wishing you could slow down the progression sucks even more… because you can’t. All you can do is hang on to every last moment with your loved one. Hold them tightly and try to reassure them that it will all be ok.  Underneath it all…  it just sucks knowing it’s not going to be. Value every breath you take and live your life to the fullest.

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