I’ve seen other bloggers posting mid week confessions more recently. It’s a neat concept. Quite smart actually. No one is perfect. As much as we may try to be.

– I’ve taken to rocking Cameron to sleep in the glider recently. At bedtime. In the middle of the night. You name it. I’m not one for the cry it out approach. I’m a sucker. His cries pull on my heart strings too much. Truth be told I love the snuggles. It’s those moments I love. It’s a moment I know won’t last forever. My baby is growing up. I know once he turns 1 next month. He won’t be such a cuddler. I’m embracing it while it lasts.

– I’ve been single parenting for two weeks. A lot of people think I’m doing great. I’ve been called a Super Mom on numerous occasions. We’ve endured a toddler receiving a black eye and several strains of the stomach flu. People may think I’m being a Super Mom. Truth is… I’m barely holding it together. I’m exhausted. I miss my hubby. I easily tear up looking back at these past two weeks. I have so much admiration for single parents. You all are awesome for everything you do to provide for your family! I feel silly whining about it.

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