Let’s face it ladies, holiday shopping for your man can be challenging. But finding him the perfect present can be simplified if you know what gifts to avoid. iMag surveyed several men and put together a list of the worst gifts you could get your guy.  

Definite No-No Gifts for Guys:
1. Socks
You’re probably thinking, “Everyone needs socks.” We’ll keep this simple: you’re not his mom!
2. An out-of-date cologne
What man wants to smell like 1997? “Cool Water,” “Polo Sport” or any other out-of-date fragrances were a major no-no for a few of the guys we talked to. Would you really want him wearing them anyway?
3. A book that is meant to improve your relationship
There’s no better way to make your guy insecure and offend him than by giving him a self-help guide or a book that implies that he needs to improve his skills in the bedroom. What man wants to spend his Christmas thinking his woman isn’t satisfied?
4. Sports-related gifts that aren’t from his favorite team
It’s okay if you like the Patriots and he’s a Giants fan. But buying him a Tom Brady jersey is then just downright unacceptable. 
5. Underwear with cartoon characters or funny sayings
It’s super cheesy and a waste of money. 
6. Bath Products
What guy is seriously going to use bath salts and scented candles? That’s why men buy the 3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash – so they can shower with as little effort as possible. 
7. Tickets to the ballet or something you want to see
Making him sit through four hours of “Swan Lake” or a Justin Bieber concert isn’t cool. Yes, it’s an activity to do together, but it’s only fun for you. Save this one for your girlfriends. 
8. Homemade certificates
Chore credits or “good for one back rub” vouchers are not real gifts. This just screams, “I’m too lazy to get you something.” Put some effort into it!  
9. Cleaning supplies
Unless he’s Danny Tanner, he probably doesn’t think cleaning is fun. Avoid yellow gloves, dish towels and vacuums.  
10. Grooming products that imply, “improve yourself”
Facial cleanser, deodorant and nail clippers give your man the message that you want him to change the way he looks. 
Guy Gifts That Are On-the-Fence:
11. Professional clothes
It’s boring, and can be awkward for all parties involved if it’s not his style or doesn’t fit. 
When it Works: If he picks something out himself and tells you, “I need a new work coat and want this Kenneth Cole one.” Then this gift is a good idea.
12. Tools
If you’ve been begging him for months to hang your curtains and get him an electric drill to give him “a little push” to get his Home Depot on, he may get the impression you think he’s lazy and should get off his butt. 
When it Works: If he’s a handy guy and really likes them, tools can be a cool and useful gift.
13. Skinny jeans
Many men think they’re too tight. Plus, what guy wants to wear the same pants as his wife?
When it’s okay: If he’s part of the hipster scene and wears them already. 
14. A Turtleneck
It’s uncomfortable and out-of-style.
When it Works: If it’s an Under Armour style shirt for that ski trip your planning, then a turtleneck is an acceptable gift. 
15. A Pet
Yes, puppies make cute gifts. But unless you’re planning to feed and walk the little guy every day, it’s best not to show up with a barking present. 
When it Works: If he’s in the market for a pet and has given you the 100-percent-all-clear that he is ready for that commitment. 
16. A Date Night
Going out to dinner and a movie is something you do anyway, so why should it now constitute as a gift?
When it Works: If your guy is a big foodie and would really appreciate a fancy meal at a restaurant he’s been dying to go to for some time, then this is can work as good gift. Just make sure to make a reservation before you “gift” this date to him. 
17. Gift certificates
Gift certificates can seem impersonal and show a lack of effort on the buyer’s part. But if you do go this route, stay away from getting him a gift card to a chain restaurant or on-the-go coffee joint. 
When it Works: Gift certificates work best as a complement to another present. Got him a Kindle Fire this Christmas? An Amazon gift card is a great addition. 
18. Jewelry
Diamonds are girl’s best friend – not his! Aside from a wedding ring, a lot of men don’t wear jewelry. So, although this is at the top of your list it’s probably not on his. 

SourceFox News | by Colleen Guiltinan | FNC iMag

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