This is my 3rd Christmas as a Mom. It wasn’t until I became a Mom that I grew a strong lust for celebrating the holiday festivus and all the extra hoopla. You know listening to Christmas carols. Decorating the house to the nines. Heading to the parades. Christmas shopping. Visiting the big man in red.


I may be an adult, but I’m still a believer in Santa. Of course I know he is far from real. It’s just the magic of him and the Christmas spirit that lures me in. It excites me to tell my children stories of him and watch their eyes sparkle with excitement as they learn of his tale.

Each December, I’ll bundle up the kids and take them out for a visit with Santa. Some years the experiences have gone well, others we endured the well known “Santa Scare”.

This year was one of those years that turned out well. I have to admit I was nervous. We waited in line for well over 60 minutes. After 40 minutes of waiting, I realized that the little Miss had, had an accident. We had to leave the line, head back to the car and change. I headed back into the mall anticipating that we’d have to start all over at the back of the line. The kind people, bless their hearts, insisted that we bud the line to our originals spots. We were next in line to see Santa in no time at all. Cameron was enamored with Santa’s beard; whilst Cadence was just elated to be sitting in his lap. Apparently all she wants for Christmas is McDonald’s french fries, a puppy, and a LeapPad. Yea… 

So if you are a parent who’s heading out to take your child to visit Santa in the near future… don’t sweat it! Your child may cry or they may surprise you and do great! Try to talk to your child about Santa prior to the visit. Tell tales of him. Take an excursion to the mall and watch Santa from the sidelines. They’ll quickly learn that the big man in red isn’t so bad after all.

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