I know a Mom when I hear one. Heck I am one. I hate to sound like one, but I feel it is important to advocate during the holiday season.

Please, please, PUH-LEASE!

If you are going to drink during the holiday season, please do so responsibly. Secure a designated driver. Arrange to call a taxi. Have a family member pick you up. Whatever you do… If you drink, don’t drive. Do the right thing. Be safe and arrive alive. I cannot emphasize this enough.

My family has experienced the havoc that drunk drivers can wreak unjustly on innocent lives. Over 10 years ago, I lost my Great Uncle to a drunk driver. My Uncle had been out at a holiday party. He had consumed a fair number of drinks and decided to do the right thing. He left his car at the pub and proceeded to walk home. Little did he see what was coming for him. A drunk driver killed him that night. A drunk driver was speeding down a 50km/h road, lost control and hit an innocent pedestrian. A pedestrian who was full of life, a great soul. A pedestrian who very well could have been that person behind the wheel, but wasn’t. My Uncle never made it home that night. His wife never got to say goodbye. The bastard behind the wheel could have made the right choice too; instead he took away an innocent life. He took away my Uncle. Justice can never be served long enough to bring him back.

The moral of the story. I think it’s pretty obvious, don’t you?! Don’t drink and drive.

If you live in the Durham Region and need to secure another means to get home, here are several businesses you can contact:

Keys to Us – (905) 433-2005
Circle Taxi – (905) 668-6666

Stay safe this holiday season! Alcohol is not the answer to a good time

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