Nameberry has released the top baby names of 2011. If you’re currently trying to decide on the perfect baby name for your unborn child, you may want to check this list out.

I’ve never been one for choosing popular baby names, but I know many who love to keep up with the times. I much rather unique names over common. My name was a very common name growing up. I went to school with a girl who had the exact same name as me. It wreaked havoc in high school for attendance purposes.

I disgress…

My son’s name happens to be number 25 on Nameberry’s Top Unisex Names of 2011. Cameron. Do any of your children’s names make the list? After looking over the list you will notice that some classic names are making a return. 

The Top 11 Names of 2011

1. Asher
2. Finn
3. Henry
4. Milo
5. Jasper
6. Atticus
7. Oliver
8. James
9. Jude
10. Felix
11. Owen

1. Charlotte
2. Seraphina
3. Amelia
4. Violet
5. Isla
6. Imogen
7. Adelaide
8. Alice
9. Scarlett
10. Lila
11. Stella


1. Harper
2. Quinn
3. Rowan
4. Avery
5. Sawyer
6. Rory
7. Riley
8. Emerson
9. Finley
10. Dylan
11. Luca

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