Celebrating Christmas with a newborn means many things. First, in the past year, you’ve received the most wonderful gift of all, a newborn baby! Chances are, you’re tired and may be feeling overwhelmed with all the season has to offer, yet you’d like to somehow recognize and create special memories of this once in a lifetime occurrence. Canadian Parents asked their CPO community for their best Baby’s First Christmas pointers. They compiled this list of tips to make life easier during this hectic time and some creative memory making ideas for you to consider. 

Special Gatherings and Holiday Events

  • Expect that you may have to bow out early. It can be overwhelming for baby to be around so many people.
  • Bring a blanket and small toys for baby to lie down away from all the action yet close enough so others can admire them.
  • Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket for those aunts, uncles, and sticky fingered cousins who will want to hold baby. Have them sanitize their hands first, to keep everyone healthier!
  • Understand that all the fuss that comes along with the holidays can be overwhelming to a new baby. Be sure to allow for some down time.

Dressing Baby for the Holidays

  • Keep baby’s comfort in mind at all times and be practical when choosing from the many holiday related outfits available today.
  • Consider consignment shops for that special outfit, and get more than one, babies love to spit up as soon as you dress them up!
Memory Making Ideas

  • Include a picture of the new baby in your Christmas cards to introduce friends to your newest family member.
  • Start new family traditions that include your infant. For instance, you might sing a special Christmas carol or read a special book to the baby that you will continue to do each year.
  • Consider beginning a special holiday scrapbook or journal that you will update each year. Record how you celebrated the season and of course include pictures and special mementos from each occasion.
  • There’s no end to the selection of Baby’s First Christmas ornaments available. A favourite are the ones that allow you to record a special message each year!
  • Some parents start a unique collection for their baby at this time. Baseball cards, spoons, jewelry, antique toys and books are just some ideas.
  • Create opportunities for other children to help their new brother or sister during the holiday celebration, such as opening the infant’s gifts, or reading a story to him or her.
  • Take lots of pictures!
Source: Canadian Parents, By Tracy Keleher

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