Growing up I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to have gotten to know my Great Grandmother (known to me as Nannie) quite well. I used to spend Summer after Summer in cottage country visiting with just her. None of my other family would come. It would just be me and her. Bonding. Talking. Laughing. Baking. Making memories. My Nannie is such a beautiful person inside and out. When I was 13 her health began to dwindle. Not once did you ever heard her complain. She had a heart of gold and has always been more concerned about the well-being of others.

My Nannie is very fascinating to me. She is full of stories. She showed me the ropes to manning a kitchen (baking and cooking at its finest). She’s inspired me to be crafty. She taught me that we’re all born superstars. I love her more than words can even describe! She’s such an amazing woman! It’s going to kill me when her time comes. Not only is she a fascinating person, but she is also a phenomenal role model!

Who in your life fascinates you? 

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