Today’s challenge topic: Importance of Education

My family comprises of many family members whom have completed higher education, as well as many whom have dropped out or never attended university or college. You would never know the education level of any of my family members if you were to meet them on the street. They are all levelheaded, smart and full of wisdom. Some may be more successful than others, but that has nothing to do with their education level. Hell some of my family members dropped out of school to only turn around and become a very successful entrepreneur.

I’m not going to sit here and preach about the importance of completing post-secondary education. While I certainly appreciate that I had the opportunity and means to attend college, I know it is not for everyone. College taught me a lot about myself. It helped me build on my life skills. It built my network. Sure I may not have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of my college program. There were many a time where I’d sit in class, rolling my eyes thinking my teacher was on crack. BUT – There were many other classes I loved. I attribute my professors love for their career to how much of my interest was peaked in certain aspects of my program. If you could tell they loved their job, then odds were that I loved their class. It was the enthusiasm they possessed that made it that much more enjoyable. It made you want to learn more. It was enticing.

I do think education is important. It teaches you a lot about yourself, life and the world itself. It builds on your experiences. It opens up your mind… promoting endless creativity as your imagination runs wild.

I always loved school!

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