Yesterday’s topic: Books You Could Read Over and Over Again…

Honestly while I love to read… I can’t attest to there being any books that I would love to read over and over again.
I’m a Twihard. I love the Twilight Series. I finished the whole series in a matter of a month. That being said, I don’t think I could ever bring myself to rereading the series. I’ll relive the books through the movies. They may not be the same, but it’s good enough. It’s full of teen angst and are pure fromage. I love it.  Haha.
I loved Ramona The Pest when I was a youngster. I was introduced to the book in 1991 (when I was in grade 2). This is probably the only book I have ever read over and over again. I remember sitting in my bedroom, pretending to play school… I was the teacher and I would read the book to my make belief students. Oh those were the days. When life seemed so hard. Haha.
Currently I’m reading The Book of Awesome and UnMarketing. I’m enthralled by both reads. Sipping the kool-aid and loving it!

So tell me…. what are some of your favorite reads? What are you reading right now? Would you recommend it?

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