Wow – I’m so excited right now! I couldn’t imagine a better way to start the day, then to find out Domesticated Momma has received another blog award.  LaQuita, Bobbi, Sarah and Maggie from Just Us Girls Blog was so kind and awesome enough to think of Domesticated Momma and award us the Liebster Award, we are truly honored and thank you so much. Please feel free to pop over to Just Us Girls Blog and show them some love!

Liebster means “favorite” or “dearest” on German. This award, which originated in Germany, recognizes up and coming bloggers.

The rules of the award are:
  1. Show your thanks to those who gave you the award by linking back to them. Thanks LaQuita, Bobbi, Sarah and Maggie! 
  2. Reveal 5 of your top picks and let them know by leaving them a comment on their blog

3. Post the award on your blog.

4. Enjoy the love and support of some wonderful people on the www!!! Keep posting, keep commenting and keep being positive.

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