I’ve just completed my second week with Booty Camp Fitness. It seems so unreal to think that I’m half way through the 4 week challenge. The next couple of weeks will be do or die. Er… not literally.

The first few sessions were quite hard. There were times in class where I would have to wall squat or walk in the spot just so I could catch my breath. I felt silly, but you know what is great!? You get to do things at your own pace. Your Booty Camp Instructor is not there to force you to do anything. They’re there to push you to give it your all. They’re your cheerleader. That’s motivational.

Over the weekend Sarah Rawlingson sent all the recruits in our class a work out calendar, meal plan and food journal. It was that final nudge I needed to ditch the junk food diet. Trust me when I say… bidding junk food farewell was very hard for me. I’m a snackaholic! There’s no denying it. It’s always been a pitfall.

This week I’ve used the Booty Camp Fitness Ultimate DVD twice, as well as we had two booty camp sessions. I love how our classes are always different. It’s not the same old, repetitive cardio workout. We’ve done circuits, intervals, MMA. It’s always a mix up!! I love that. I thrive off that. You just never know what challenge lies ahead of you. It keeps it fun!

You should hear some of the things the girls say under their breath in class…

You want me to do what now?!
You’ve got to be kidding?!
I didn’t know I could workout this part of my body.
My butts sore.
More burpees?!

It’s hilarious.  It keeps it interesting. Never do you see a recruit stop smiling during the workout. I think that in and of itself is pretty darn attractive.

Wednesday night after I completed my Bounce ‘n Burn workout my two year old daughter applauded me. The emotion I felt just knowing I made my daughter proud is unreal. Here I go getting all misty-eyed. Ha.

These have honestly been my best two weeks in a LONG time. I feel so invigorated, motivated, happier than ever. I feel healthier. I actually look forward to exercising now. Finding time isn’t a hassle anymore.

I’m down 3 pounds in the span of 2 weeks!!! That’s a big deal to me! 

Disclosure: Please note that I’m reviewing the Booty Camp Fitness 4-week program. The views expressed are simply my own and not those of Booty Camp Fitness or a PR Company.

2 Comments on Putting the Booty Back in Camp

  1. Lisa
    November 18, 2011 at 7:25 pm (6 years ago)

    Nicole I’ve got goosebumps reading this. We’ve contributed to two of the best weeks in a long time? What an honour! Thanks so much 🙂 And congrats on setting a fantastic fitness example for your daughter!

    Lisa Richards
    Communications Manager
    Booty Camp Fitness

  2. Nicole
    November 19, 2011 at 7:43 pm (6 years ago)

    Thanks for providing me with this fantastic opportunity!

    I wish my husband didn’t work 16 hour days in January so that I could sign up for the next group of sessions!! There’s always February though! 🙂

    ~ Nicole


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