This year was a big year. It was Cameron’s first Halloween, and Cadence’s first year as an official trick-or-treater.

We spent most of Halloween day decorating the house and carving pumpkins.

The kids thought the pumpkin “guts” were hilarious. Every time they stuck their hand in to pull out some of the “guts” giggles ensued.

Cadence really enjoyed carving the pumpkins. She insisted on having a picture taken with her ghoulish pumpkin. Of course being the mamarazzi that I am… I happily obliged.

The hours leading up dusk felt like forever for my little toddler. She paced unhappily through our hallways. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t just head out trick-or-treating… after all she was ready at 3PM!

We finally made our way outdoors at 6PM. Cameron and Daddy tagged along with Cadence and I to a few houses. Cadence was very unsure of the whole trick-or-treating idea at first. She finally warmed up by the time Daddy was  ready to take Cameron back home.

Cadence and I went from house to house until 7:30ish. At which time we went home, and Daddy took Cadence back out until shortly after 8. She was having way too much fun. I can’t say I blame her.

Check out all her loot!!!

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