I love to travel. I love visiting different countries and learning about their history and culture! It’s a shame it costs so much to go on a vacation, otherwise I’d do it more often. My hubby and I aim to travel every year and a half. Sometimes more or less, if the opportunity presents itself.

I’ve visited Mexico 4 times, Florida, Norwich, London and Dominican.

I would love one day to backpack through Switzerland.

I hope to vacation in Hawaii, Turks & Caicos, Fiji and Costa Rica one day.

I would love to take an Alaskan cruise. This coming from the girl who refuses to go on a cruise in the Caribbean.

Lastly… we can’t forget about Canada. I would love to visit the east and west coast.

For now it’s all just a dream! One day hopefully it’ll be a reality.
So tell me… if you could travel anywhere in the world with no limitations, where would you go?

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