Today’s challenge topic isn’t all that interesting. To be totally honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if you skip reading this post all  together. The task at hand? Bullet pointing my whole day. Like you really care, right?!

Anyways, here goes nothing:

  • 6:30AM: Feed the youngest child
  • 6:45AM: Head back to bed in hopes that the elder child doesn’t wake anytime soon.
  • 8:30AM: Wake up to the elder child throwing a hissy fit. Time to start the day.
  • 8:35AM: The hubby sees to Cadence. I laze in bed for a few more minutes and jump in the shower.
  • 9:00AM: Out of the shower. Time to do make-up.
  • 9:15AM: Make-up done. Time to blow dry and straighten hair. Get dressed.
  • 9:45AM: Head downstairs. Snuggle with the kids and sip a Mocha.
  • 10AM: Start watching Home Alone with Cadence.
  • 10:30AM: Cameron goes for a nap.
  • 11:30AM: Lunch.
  • 12:15PM: Cameron wakes up. Time to get the little ones dressed.
  • 12:40PM: Out the door to head to a 3 year old’s birthday party.
  • 1:30PM: Arrive at party.
  • 3:45PM: Time to head home.
  • 4:15PM: Home
  • 4:30PM: Trip to Beer Store to return empties.
  • 5:30PM: Bath time for the kiddos.
  • 6PM: Dinner for the kiddos
  • 6:30PM: Play time.
  • 7:10PM: Bedtime
  • 7:10-10PM: Dinner, catch up on PVR, relax, talk, tweet, etc.
  • 10:30PM: Bed

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