Today’s topic is one I have been trying to steer clear of lately… Comfort Foods. My weakness. Seriously

Throughout my whole pregnancy with Cameron the only things I could stomach were poutine, chocolate and burgers. Everything else made me upchuck. It was bad. Tasty, but bad. Oddly enough when I was pregnant with Cadence all I ever wanted was raw veggies and milk. Funny that. Two totally different extremes.

My go to comfort foods are:

My go to comfort snacks are:

  • chocolate, 
  • apple sauce and cheese,
  • cheesecake,
  • apple or cherry pie,
  • sour cream and onion potato chips, and; 
  • nachos.

My go to comfort drinks are:

  • lattes, 
  • long island iced tea,
  • beer, and; 
  • chocolate milk.

What are some of your favorite comfort foods?

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