Wow – so today’s topic is quite the dousy.

Views on religion… where shall I begin?!

Generally I don’t speak much of religion on my blog. It’s just not my style, nor is it me.

I was raised as a Catholic by my parents and grandparents. Religion never really took a huge stance in my life until I was 9 (when my brother was born). We did the whole baptism, first communion and we attended church faithfully until shortly after my 12th birthday.

When I was 11, my little sister was born a month and a half premature. She was undeveloped and had many complications. She was on life support. Shortly before she was a week old, she grew her wings and flew with the angels. It was a very hard decision to let her go. We didn’t have a traditional funeral for her. Just a beautiful, quaint memorial service surrounded in the company of all or family and friends. December 9, 1995 is a day I will never forget. The sermon, the cries, the visuals are still burned in my memory. It was one of the hardest days for both my family and I. Words just can’t describe it.

Following the memorial service we never really did continue with our regular weekly church outings. It became a thing of the past. We never really spoke anymore of religion.

In 2002, I started dating the guy who would later become my husband. Some of his family members are Jehovah’s Witnesses whilst the others are agnostic. Religion was never something that was pushed on my husband. We wound up marrying outside of a church. It just only seemed like the ¬†fair and right thing to do.

I’m not one to push my beliefs on anyone. I certainly don’t appreciate when others try to sway me to another religion. My neighbour is notorious for this. Each week she tries to insist we come to church with her. She just doesn’t understand why we wouldn’t want to go. I’m happy she really enjoys her church, but please don’t push your religion on me. I love to learn about others religions, but let me do so willingly. There’s no need to “preach” unnecessarily.

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