7 years ago if you had asked me if I’d ever step foot back in a classroom I would have laughed you off. I hated my program. I studied Business Administration – Human Resources. While I liked the Human Resources aspect of the program, I didn’t like my professors. They weren’t passionate about their jobs, and sadly that rubbed off on my view of the program. I couldn’t have been happier the day I completed my program. I obtained my diploma with honours and proceeded on with my life. I was so young and naive. I never anticipated ever going back to school after that.

7 years later… I am now enrolled in a digital photography program. My first day of class was this week. So far I’m loving my program. I’m already starting to write up a wishlist of accessories and hardware upgrades I’d love. I’m daydreaming of building a studio. I’ve already chosen a business name. It’s crazy and overwhelming how truly inspired I am. I’m very passionate about the prospective career as a photographer.

I’ve certainly become a mom of all trades. Juggling life with a newborn and toddler, home daycare, daily household responsibilities, being a wife, blogger, student and finding time to bunker with the books. It hasn’t been easy. I need to find my balance. So far though I’m not feeling too stressed, which I find shocking. I’m generally your chronic worrywart.

My first assignment is due on Monday. Between now and Monday I’ll need to find time to get out and snap some photos. Learn how to effectively use f-stop, and apply it in aperture and manual modes. Is it sad that I’m actually excited about homework!? Why couldn’t homework be this much fun when I was younger?! Ha!

It feels so good to be pursuing my dream and passion¬†finally… I’ll tell you what!!

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  1. LadyBirdAtHome
    October 24, 2011 at 3:22 pm (6 years ago)

    Good for you! Keep learning!

    Discovered you via the Canadian blog hop! Yay!



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