Mid-August we discovered the hard way that Cadence is allergic to peanuts and all other nuts. This allergy is one that had caught us off guard. Cadence had been introduced to nuts at the ripe age of 1, and had no problems with it until shortly after her second birthday.

I’ve really struggled since finding out about this food allergy. It’s a whole new learning curve. Not an easy one to be honest. We’re coping though. We don’t have a choice.

A couple of weeks ago a family friend came across a product – WowButter. It contains toasted soy, soy oil, granulated cane sugar, monoglyceride (from vegetable oil) and sea salt. This friend knew just how much Cadence loved and craved everything peanut butter… so thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try and picked me up a bottle.

I was skeptical of the product initially. Like really… how could something taste like peanut butter without it involving traces of peanuts?!? I was comforted knowing that this product is used in schools and daycares in substitution of peanut butter. If it weren’t for knowing that bit of information I probably wouldn’t have introduced it to Cadence.

After taste testing… I can tell you this product taste just like Skippy minus the nuts. It’s been a sanity saver with the toddler who misses her peanut butter!!

Through this learning process, I’m glad to have come across something to help take a bit of the edge off of it.

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