I debated posting this. However, I don’t see the need to keep it on the down low. It may displease a few, but whatever.

I’m 5 days late. Keep in mind that I’m still breastfeeding.

My cycles since giving birth to Cameron have been off. Very wonky. I had my first postpartum period at 8 weeks. Followed by 12 weeks, 5.5 months and every 23 days after that. I’ve been far from regular. After a few months of having a some what regular visitor every 23 days… I’m officially what I would now consider late.

I’ll admit we “did it” one time this cycle while in Mexico (days before I was expected to ovulate… if I ovulated at all…). Knowing full well it only takes that one time. We risked it. For that very reason I decided to take a pregnancy test last night.

Big FAT negative.


I’m still late, but at this point I know it’s probably a result of hormones from breastfeeding. There’s absolutely no chance I’m pregnant.

While I am breathing a sigh of relief, there is still that one little part of me that feels a little let down. The idea of possibly being pregnant with a third did get our hopes up. It actually initiated conversations of having a third child… conversations that would have never been had it not been for the circumstances.

I feel silly for being a little bummed about this, but it’s the reality of the situation.

Does it mean we’re going to start trying anytime soon? Most certainly not. 
It’s totally on our mind. For now however we’d rather just take one day at a time. When it happens, it happens. Although that one part me had been slightly hopeful… Damn you baby fever!

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