Over the past 7 years, I’ve become a huge slacker in the eye care department. I’ve always been able to come up with some lame-o excuse of why I shouldn’t visit the optometrist. Truth to told, I’m actually afraid of the optometrist.

In 2004, I visited an optometrist and he insisted that I partake in the eye dilation test. I voiced my concerns, but the optometrist had assured me that everything would be fine. Ha. Far from it. I have a lazy eye. The eye dilation test caused my lazy eye to worsen temporarily. I had one hell of a time driving home from my appointment. I honestly probably shouldn’t have even been driving. It was just that bad. I still remember leaving the optometrist office and sitting in my car in the parking lot crying to my Mom on the telephone. It was awful.

Last week I finally worked up the courage to visit the optometrist. My husband likes to joke that my motivation was our upcoming vacation. I went to a location that is associated with LensCrafters. The optometrist was great with me. I voiced my concerns, and he happily listened.

I ended up walking away purchasing a new pair of of eye glasses and my first ever pair of prescription sunglasses. I have never been so in love with two pairs of glasses in my life.

Funny how it can take one person to ruin something for you, but how very quickly your opinion can then be shifted again with another great experience.

Being that my Dad is battling glaucoma I’m going to make a stronger effort going forward to keep on top of my eye care, as well as my children.

Do you visit your optometrist as often as you should?

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