You’re using birth control, right? You’re not planning to try again soon, are you
I hope you’re not pregnant…
These are all comments that are frequently thrown at me in passing; ever since Cameron joined our family in February. Forget the when are you going to have a baby comments. Now that I have two.. that question is so passé.
For those that know me well… they know I want a large family. I’ve always wanted to have 3 to 5 kids. At the same time, if I couldn’t get pregnant again I’d be okay with that. I’m lucky enough to have been blessed with one, let alone two children. I understand that pregnancy isn’t easy. I’ve suffered countless miscarriages and I have friends who struggle with infertility. I am truly blessed.
Do I know when I want to start trying for a third? No. 
Do I have intentions to try anytime soon? No. 
Does it bother me that people think I’m crazy for wanting a large family? Not really. 
Does it  upset me that so many people are so against the idea of another pregnancy? Yes!

Cadence and Cameron are only 19 months apart. I’ll be the first to admit that in those first few months, it was hard. It was a juggling act. Balance… what is that again? I made it work though. I found my groove.  It really wasn’t all as bad as people had hyped it up to be. 2 under 2 is busy, albeit fun. Yep, I said it… fun!!
There’s no real need to make snide comments to me about money, the size of the family I want or my birth control plan. Really it’s no one else’s business, but my husband and I. I can tell you that while yes we have discussed when we might like to try for another; that it also isn’t something on our minds at the moment. We’re quite content and enjoying our little family the way it is for now
I know the comments will never stop. You can’t please everyone, right?!? I just wish people could be a little more respectful.
I’m NOT pregnant! However, if I were to find out tomorrow that I was I’d be okay with it and we’d do just fine. 

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