When I began blogging in 2008, I held an account at LiveJournal. In October 2009, I decided to make the switch over to Blogger. At the time of the switch, I endlessly searched for ways to import all my blog posts over from LiveJournal. Sadly. Never did ALL my posts get imported. I just couldn’t figure it out.

I slowly started copying and pasting posts over from LiveJournal, but gradually I got lazy and started turning the imported posts into one mass post on Blogger… rather than breaking them up into the individual posts that they once were. Well today… I decided enough was enough, and started to clean up the blog. I broke up the mass posts into individual posts, and imported in the remaining posts over at LiveJournal. It was a tedious task, but now it’s all said and done!! Thank god!
As I was importing, I got to reading some old posts… Everything from my TTC days (before Cadence), my first miscarriagenew carssoon-to-be mommyhood and life with a newborn!! It was such a bittersweet walk down memory lane. I had never really realized or reflected on the major ups and downs I’ve encountered in the last 3 years until now. I don’t really have words… Just wow. So much has happened. So much has changed.
 Life’s one big dance. Sometimes you may trip and fall, but you have to just pick yourself right back up… and keep on moving!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!

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