Another week has come and gone. Which means it’s time for a new menu plan.

Last week I did great with staying on target with the menu plan. Loosely however. What I’m learning is that while I need to menu plan each week… I have trouble sticking to the set meals on the menu. Totally fine!! Rather since I’ve been menu planning, I’ve found I have more ingredients kicking around. So while I may not want said Pulled Pork Poutine for dinner (who am I kidding?!?) … what I may want is a pork roast, and I’ll be able to pull it off! It’s truly a win-win.

This week’s menu plan has more of a focus on comfort foods…

Monday: Pulled Pork Poutine
Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Penne
Wednesday: Taco Soup
Thursday: Homemade Pizza
Friday: Take out night
Saturday: Out with friends
Sunday: Penne a la Vodka

Happy eating!

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