Imagine? You’ve run out of air freshener. You have guests coming over any minute, and you want to give your house that warming, welcoming scent. Don’t fret. You can easily rectify this situation with a few common household items.

Grab a pot, add a cup of water, throw in some cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon. Place it on the stove on low heat. I like to add in a fair amount of cinnamon. How much you add is truly up to you. Just note the more you add in, the stronger the aroma it lets off. As the water boils off, you can either add in more water or you can turn off the stove. The scent will linger for a little while afterwards.

There’s nothing I love more during autumn and winter than walking into the house after a long day, and taking in a whiff of that lingering spicy cinnamon scent.

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