Introducing new foods to my children has something I’ve always looked forward to. Something I’ve quite enjoyed. My only fear was choking. Allergies… while it was on mind, it wasn’t a front running concern. That was until yesterday.

We introduced nuts to my daughter months ago. She always seemed to do fine with them. We’d always been very vigilant in watching for reactions. She never had any, so over time we just assumed she was in the clear.

Fast forward to Saturday. My husband had gone grocery shopping. The store was out of peanut butter granola crunchers, a favorite of my daughters… so he opted to buy peanut butter granola bars instead. When he got home he gave my daughter a bar, and shortly after she started pulling at her tongue and slightly gagging. She complained of burning sensations. She’s known for overreacting so we brushed it off, and just assumed she didn’t like the bar. Whatever, it happens. Right? Toddlers just don’t like things. Right? Right! But also wrong. We had warning signs of a potential allergic reaction right in front of us, but we blew them off.

On Monday morning, we gave my daughter Banana Nut Cheerios. She happily ate them, and very shortly after began to lose her mind. She was scratching her body with incredible force. She was complaining she was hot and that her back really hurt. I checked her and she was covered in welts, quickly rashing out. She just kept pulling at her skin. We immediately took away everything she was eating, and covered her in Calamine lotion. The lotion seemed to bring everything down a little and provided her with temporary relief. She every uncomfortable. Man… her cries for help are something I’ll never shake.

We got her in to see the doctor immediately.  The doctor went over everything Cadence had consumed over the past few days, and the reactions. Sure enough… the doctor has confirmed that Cadence has an allergy to not just peanuts, but ALL nuts. I’m so glad we took her in when we did because the doctor assured us the next reaction could’ve been much worse.

I’m now faced with 100 what if’s. I feel so naive. This severe allergy learning curve is not one I ever thought I’d have to embark on, but alas I am. Studying ingredients is something that is now going to become a common aspect of my day-to-day life. Wow. I think I’m still trying to process this all.

Food is supposed to be fun, not a worry.

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