Pardon me while I have a bit of a panic attack… Where the heck did my babies go?!? I blink for a second and they reach so many new milestones. At least it feels that way.

Let me preface by saying… This week has been the week of milestone achievement for both my son and daughter.

My son turned 5 months old, and as if that wasn’t enough…. He got not one, but two of his first teeth. Holy eff!!! I knew he was teething, but I wasn’t expecting two teeth straight away! Within the next month, we’ll be starting solids… And not long after that he’ll be 6 months!!! It feels like his first year is just zipping on by!!

AND then there’s…

My daughter. Where, oh where shall I begin with her?! In a matter of a few weeks, she’ll be two. Can you believe it? TWO!!! Where the heck have the past two years gone?! It feels like this past year has gone faster than her first. OH.EM.GEE!!! It honestly feels like just yesterday I told her she was going to be a big sister, and yet here I am a year later watching my little girl bond with her little brother.

This past week we transitioned the Cadence to her toddler bed. I anticipated that it wouldn’t go over well. That there’d be sleepless nights of fighting with her to stay in bed. Boy was I ever caught off guard when she went straight to sleep on that first night. The trend has continued. Not only did we transition her this week… BUT… This week she also started to form short sentences. Her vocabulary has just exploded! It’s insane. She’s such a big girl!

I’m totally handling her upcoming 2nd birthday worse than I handled her 1st.

Can we freeze time just for a little bit?!? Please!

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  1. Vicky @ Italian shirt
    December 10, 2012 at 11:47 am (5 years ago)

    Hi Nicole, I’m really happy for you and I think you are blessed to have two adorable kids.


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