MOMBIE n: Mother who embodies Zombie-like qualities after months of sleep deprivation. (Source: Kid Dictionary)

As days and days go on, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am indeed a “Mombie”. Being a mama to a 20 month old and an 7.5 week old certainly does take it’s toll… between lack of sleep, keeping up with the house, work and chasing the young’uns around. Sleep? What is that again? It just isn’t happening around here these days… and you know what?!? I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

The lack of sleep has made for some pretty funny “mombie” moments, and great stories. 

I remember there was one night (long before my son was born) that I heard my daughter crying over the monitor. I guess I never fully woke up because I picked up the monitor and started trying to nurse it… Yea… Can you imagine my husbands reaction when he woke up and had to snap me out of my ‘zombie’ state?! 

Another time, I was in the midst of changing my sons diaper and I could tell by his face that he was about to let poop fly (y’know that gross breastfeeding poop?!)… Well rather than grabbing another diaper quickly, what did I do? I just cupped both my hands together and prepared to catch it. What was I thinking?! Clearly I wasn’t. Such a gross moment, but one I always look back on and can’t help but laugh. 

And of course… there’s the moments of putting things in the wrongs spots, and calling my children by the wrong names.

Back in the day when I dealt with my daughters night feeds, I had no one to talk to. The hubby was sleeping. I didn’t bring my laptop to bed. I didn’t have a smart phone. I just relied heavily on the not-so-lovely infomercials to get me through. Now that I’m nursing my son things are a bit different. I have access to a smart phone, and my cable is now cut back. The smart phone is what I rely on heavily in the middle of the night. I bounce between the momstown message boardsFacebook and Twitter all night long. With all these late night feeds, I’ve really become a social media addict as of late and I LOVE it! 

Long before my days of momstown, I vowed I would never ever use Twitter and you know what… I’m glad I started to! I’ve found and formed some pretty great friendships with other Moms through both momstown and Twitter. If you don’t have access to a momstown chapter near you, I suggest you check out Twitter. And if you do… why not check out both? One of my favorite Twitter hashtags to follow is #zombiemoms. This hashtag is used by Moms to discuss everything from pregnancy, newborns, sleepless nights, mombie moments, etc.  It’s been great! The women are all amazing and supportive! I’m so grateful to have such an amazing support system both in real life and online to lean on, and get me through day-to-day. It makes you wonder how our parents managed back in the day without all these gadgets or social media outlets.

(Today) In celebration of #zombiemoms day, why not jump on Twitter and share with us one of your fondest ‘mombie’ moments! We’d love to hear about it and share with you. 

Note: Originally featured on momstown Whitby-Ajax

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