and with news too!

I took a brief hiatus from the blogging world for June and most of July. Why you ask? Well for good reasons!

I found out that I was expecting again on June 2, 2010.There’s a baby bug in my belly!!! I kept myself offline from the blog because I thought that having access to my blogs about my miscarriage would give me unnecessary worry. I wanted to try to enjoy the 1st trimester, although it was hard. I set up a temporary (private) blog to keep notes about the pregnancy, and I’ve since imported them here.

Today I had my first midwife appointment where I got to hear the sweet soothing sound of the heartbeat. It took the midwife a few minutes to find it, but she was determined! The heart was beating at 150bpm. What a beautiful sound!

I’m due on or around February 9, 2011! JM and I are extremely excited!!!

So yea… that is where I’ve been!

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